Thread: Value of: Mika Zibanejad or Kyle Turris
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04-25-2013, 01:27 AM
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It's an interesting situation. Neither has shown any kind of indication that they are ready to be a #1 center, which is fine for ottawa as spezza still has 2 year on his contract (he will be 32yo upon it's completion). At the start of the 2015-16 season, Turris will be 26 with 3yrs@3.5M left, and Zibanejad will be a 22yo RFA.

Beyond them in our system, Smith is always going to be a bottom sixer, same with jim o'brien. Peter regin is likely going to leave this year. JG Pageau shows promise as a playmaking center, but he's small. Stefan Da Costa has 2nd line upside, but he's running out of time (waiver exemption) to prove it.

I dont think the sens make a move at center this summer. They'll wait to see how spezza is after returning, and also to evaluate how turris and zibanejad continue to develop. Next summer will be decision time: Trade spezza and keep the two younger players, trade one of the younger players, or keep all three (3.5M for turris as a 3rd line center isnt too bad, or if it's zibanejad his salary will reflect his role).

if dallas is looking for a top-6 center to drop in the lineup, search somewhere else this summer. If you want someone who COULD be a top-6 center, throw us a winger of comparable value for stephane da costa.

RIP Kev.

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