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04-25-2013, 04:08 AM
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WSI 98 @ Saco

FI Selects had positive ending for the tournament even when they struggled a bit in the series. They showed up good team play on the playoffs, unfortunately they lost to Vityaz (who won the final) in the semifinal 2-1 by a last minute power play goal.
Puljujärvi was clearly the best forward by all means but the whole team played well and it was good experience to see the level of the -98 age group top players of other

Sean Day was a story of his own in this tournament. He seemed to be extremely selfish and arrogant, he did not play for his team but for himself. He checked Aapeli Räsänen (who is about similar size) from the back so, that he hit his head into post and ending Räsänen's games on this tournament.
Then he was thorwn out from the All Star game due to similar incident.

Some footage of SD here:

I felt sorry for Sean Day, he was not the player I have seen him play before.

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