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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
I spoke to someone today who said Tony Hand needs to be fired because he just stood there all game every game and didn't really seem to do a lot of "coaching" and the guy also didn't agree with his roster selections.

Though I do agree relegation isn't the end of the world, if you look at the past history we regularly finished 4th or 5th under the old format which would see us in D1B. However, we are supposed to be improving. Korea is a team we should be beating looking at the rankings and past results but evidently they have improved and we haven't.

But really I am angry because we underperformed, I know the team can do better, we beat Hungary last year and they dominated us this year. Our best players played badly.
I just want to say that I was very surprised that GB got relegated to say the least.
I've watched a few GB-Hungary game and I gotta tell you that it was tough to play against you guys. You very very physical and we didn't used to that kind of play. But we could manage to beat you somehow most of the times.
As for last year's loss against you: we had already blew our chances to get promoted and we had enough points not to get relegated. I'm just saying that if that game were to decide if go up to the Elite division or not, belive me you would in no way (not likely ) have beaten us. No offense.

As far as next year goes for you, you'll have a tough game against Poland for sure, and a not-so-much against Netherland (although they beat us last year - surprisingly, but rightfully - I might add). The rest should be easy. You have less than 1 year and can get back. Get ready

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