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04-25-2013, 06:09 AM
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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
How old are you? I think the not using weights thing is for small children whose bones aren't developed enough. And I may be wrong but I think it is mostly hogwash anyways.

All around strength building program? Try Stronglifts 5x5. You'll get your squat up in no time and be much stronger. If you do decide to use weights remember FORM is more important than the weight on the bar. If you don't master form do not add weight. It's simple. Don't let your ego or your friends ego get in the way.

Now if you're determined not to use weights then I can recommend a few things yet. Box jumps (google it if you don't know already) and agility dot patterns. The jumps will get your explosiveness up and the patterns will increase your agility. Both of these are proven to add to your on ice game. Sprinting will also help with on ice speed. Cardio like jogging is good but make sure you don't lose weight and eat enough to still grow (unless your fat then maybe some cardio is a good thing).

Another thing that is important is to go shoot some freaking pucks. You know how many pucks Crosby has shot off ice in his life? Neither does he because it's in the millions. Go out and stick handle with a tennis ball or puck as well. Lots of great youtube videos on how to stick handle and shoot. Even the best players are always trying to learn and get better even with something as beginner like "shooting a puck".

SKILL is more important at a young age than systems or positioning. But on ice instinct might be most important. Watch some high light reels or games and analyze what players in your position are doing. Try to get a better sense of where the flow of the game is so you can capitalize on your opponents mistakes. Good goal scorers always seem to know where to be at the right time.

Well I hope this helps you. Good luck
I'm 13. My coach said that training with weights will spoil my back and hurt my growing.

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