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04-25-2013, 06:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Eddie Shack View Post
If you penalize a team that bad for an obvious accidental violation that in no way shape or form helped them win and in no way shape or form could be shown to be intentional, then what are you going to do to the team that gets caught really trying to cheat? That's my point/question. nascar has painted themselves into a box which is only going to cause them more grief at a later date. Is that not obvious?
Agreed. This penalty is an absolute farce. 3 grams is about the weight of 3 drops of water. I know everything in auto racing is measured down to the thousandth of a second, the thousandth of an inch, but there's just no way an error that size could possibly have impacted the outcome of the race.

I hope this gets mitigated on appeal, and that someone sane takes over discipline at NASCAR HQ.

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