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04-25-2013, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by MadhouseOnMadison View Post
This just puts an even bigger target on their backs, but the Hawks had a good season.

As it stands now I really don't want to face any of the teams currently vying for the 8th seed.
Oh man, I know what you mean. The Hawks had such a hard time against Det, Columbus, Minn, and Dallas this year. Just think about all the points they dropped against them.

I'm just going off my memory and a quick check of results, but weren't the Hawks undefeated against those four teams this year?? If not undefeated maybe they lost a point or two? They just finished the season on a 10-1-2 run for heavens sake!!!

I'm about as cautious of a person as you can be when it comes to predicting a victory for my teams, but the first round series should be a formality. It will be one of the largest upsets in the history of the NHL if it happens based on performance against those teams in the regular season.

I really hope you were being sarcastic.

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