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04-25-2013, 06:46 AM
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This might be the most disgusting, bitter loss we've had in awhile because it would be compunded by the atrociousness of our teams offense all season combined with that god awful loss to Fla...actually those TWO losses. It would then drive us to the oh so predictable win agains the Devs or else scenario that everyone saw coming a mile away.

So how bout this team just win today?

The only way we can lose and have me not vomit everywhere is if we lose 6-5 and Hank gives up 3 or 4 absolutely terrible goals on 10 shots with 2 or 3 others being our usual garbage D b/c Hank is so steady and great that when he causes us to lose it's much easier to accept. He'll prob hang himself but it'll be easier for me to accept that at least the team looked dominant and can beat the crap out of the Devs. If we have another weak 3-2 ***** cat loss I'm going to be smashing a lot of things

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