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04-25-2013, 06:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruinator View Post
Food for thought. The Bruins had more people playing throughout the lockout than any other team. Almost the entire team as a matter of fact. This would explain their quick start, but would it also explain their play of late. Is it possible that they are wearing out where other teams are hitting their stride?
Good question, I`m still not convinced playing over there was/is a plus, completely different game with missing physical elements.

I think this team benefited from a lighter schedule to begin the season, put together some wins (not convincing wins but..) then the sched. got heavy, Kelly, regardless if he wasn`t playing the way we have come to expect was injured, Quaider, a quiet yet steady D man gone much of this year, a rotating door for 3rd line wingers etc....

Excuse making?? To a degree, either way, in the previous two lockout/strike seasons, I recall watching not just our Bruins, but many other teams with the exact same issues which have a way, over a full season of correcting themselves that you don`t have in a shortened one.

Either way, this team needs a few bounces, needs some ugly goals, and needs them to come off the sticks of a Pevs/Looch/Krejci, but to get those bounces, they must be earned, have to have the will to drive to the net, to stand in front and take the punishment to receive the reward.

Am I pumped about the way the boys have played this year??? Nope, but I`ve watched this game far too long to sit here and annoint ANY team with jack all based on the way they are heading into the playoffs.

Seen too many going into post season hot only to get bounced early, and seen teams claw and scratch their way in late, only to make a deep run. Playoffs are anything but predictable. Not sure this team has that "switch" to turn it on fully, but I do suspect they will bring far more intensity come playoff time, and with their experience, I would be quite shocked if this team brings that same spotty effort we saw against the Caps last season

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