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04-25-2013, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
The defensive breakdowns came over the last few games. Price was not all that special before that either. The D has been "horrid" but so has the goaltender. You don't see anyone blaming the goalie for the defensive struggles. Why are you and others blaming the D for all of Price's struggles? The guy has been letting in a lot of goals that should be routine saves.

And don't get smart with me. Hockey is a team game but the goalie is required to make a key save or two...and if that goalie is paid as an elite goalie, he needs to be elite. You expect more from certain players...

If Price wasn't so babied by the organization and fans alike maybe he would be a better goalie. There's always an excuse
I havent been blaming the D for all of his struggles. It's clear the guy is having a rough stretch which isnt uncommon for any athlete in any sport, elite or not. However, normally when you have your franchise goalie struggling like that, the team should be working extra hard to ensure not so many breakdowns are happening to help him out, which is the opposite as we're seeing porous defence as the norm.

You seem to be mistaking me for someone else because I am always honest when Price lets in a bad goal. I don't make excuses for anyone in my position, if you let in a bad goal, if I let in a bad goal for my team, I call it as it is. You, however, are ignoring the fact that Price is coming up with some big saves on the breakdowns then ignore them saying he isnt making a big save. He's made plenty but you can't stop them all, no one can.

And how is Price babied by the fans? For **** sakes, the guy got booed like Roy during a play-off series we got swept by the Bruins without half our team. He got booed in the teams first pre season game after Halak. There's articles being written about how he's not Roy, the best goalie in the history of the NHL.. but yeah, we're coddling him.

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