Thread: Speculation: Who should we draft?
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04-25-2013, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Persona5 View Post
Winning the lottery would be great but I would call florida right away and see if they want Jones. May be able to get someting out of them to move up that 1 spot. If they do then Draft Mack and if they don't still draft Mack imo.
My favorite scenario is we win the #1 and trade down a spot or two, get the other team's 2nd rd pick, and still get Mac or Drouin.

I just don't know if FL would be a great trade partner. They could use help virtually everywhere - so they may be content to stay at #2 and grab Mac/Drouin.

It is interesting to speculate on - so many variables right now. What do the Preds do if they do indeed get #1? Trade it? Draft Jones? Grab Mac or Drouin instead? If the Preds end up at 4/5/6 does Poile trade up? Does he trade down to grab a 2nd rounder as well?

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