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04-25-2013, 08:40 AM
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Have you read it? I had to stop and re-read it again for it to sink in. Then I read it on the huffington post (I should know better) and saw the comments how people were agreeing with this man. I had a few professors in college who were obviously very liberal which okay, I don't care. But if this guy is spewing this crap on the Internet, he's preaching it at his place of work to impressionable kids (mostly kids from overseas), who knows what they've succumbed to from him. I'd like to know what kind of classes and teachers suspect 2 had. Whether we like it or not, our teachers leave a lasting impression on us. Good or bad.
Yes I just read most of it. He's a tool. I like how he also snuck blaming the internet and how it should be governed and regulated.

for those that want to read the nonsense