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04-25-2013, 09:42 AM
Where's Carl?
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I guess I qualify as an old poster. Been lurking now more than ever. Never really started any threads, since I didn't think I had anything interesting to bring up.

I've been reading the GDTs the last few games, they seem like mostly "OMG this is the worst team ever in the history of sports" posts. Last game was just depressing, but I think there is a lot of room for hope. I'm hoping they can pull Ottawa in the first round and get by them while finding their playoff game. During the cup run, I felt like if the Bruins played the Habs during the second or third round it would have been a 5-6 game series at best, with the Bruins taking it. They barely beat them while finding their playoff game, and the rest is history. Also, apparently the Bruins usually win the cup 2 years after their most recent cup win (someone posted that) so there's that. Of course if we have to wait another 39 years after that, I'm going to be ooooooold. Bettman will probably have a team on the moon by then.

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