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04-25-2013, 08:48 AM
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Now I'm stewing over this professor and the wingnut commentators at the HP..... If they think the U.S. is so bad that the bombing of some people simply out for a marathon is justified... that the murder of an innocent child is justified... that the execution of a police officer is justified... friggen leave. America didn't make them that way... their whackjob eastern European mother did. They don't because there's no place better for them to go making them giant hypocrites. The places they have so much 'respect' are 1000x more corrupt, dirty, violent, and less opportunistic for the little guy than North America.... but they don't want to be Americans...They want Americans to respect their culture and beliefs while condescending to ours... well tough, you can't have it both ways.. if you don't feel that way then it's because your elders failed at teaching you.

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