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04-25-2013, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
OK, so being awake most of the night last night, I started to do some research on the draft class outside of the Big 3 (Jones, MacKinnon, Drouin) and I'm fine with winding up 4th and selecting Barkov if that's where we wind up.

My preference is:
1) Drouin - No. 1 dynamic scoring winger potential. Less defensive responsibilities for wings in system = quicker development path and better long term payoff

2) MacKinnon - No. 1 skilled center potential.

3) Jones - Can't ignore the guy's talents. Would truly solidify defense for remainder of the decade.

4) Barkov - No. 1 power forward center potential. Already responsible defensively. Great size that he uses at both ends of the rink, skating will improve, fantastic hands.

Overall, as long as we finish 3rd or better, I think we are in good position even if we move back a spot due to the draft lottery.
I have done a lot of the same and I watched so many video clips of many of the top prospects. I really tried not to watch to many of the "highlight clip" though and tried to focus on real game play. This is how I would rank the forwards I watched.

#1) Mackinnon - Highly skilled. Very explosive with his skating. His vision and hands are very strong. He is solid in the D-zone and looks strong on face-offs. There really isn't much of a downside to this kid.

#2) Lindholm - You are probably surprised I have him this high but after watching tape he is very good at doing so many things. Strong skater with a very nice shot. He doesn't have the creativity like a Mack or Drouin does yet but his PK ability along with strong faceoff bring him up a good bit on my list. He goes hard to the net back checks like no other. I really think he is going to end up being the second best forward out of this draft.

#3) Barkov - For a 17 year old he is very impressive. He skates just fine but doesn't have the speed of a Mack/Drouin/Lindholm. His defensive play is scary good for someone his age. He isn't particularly great at face-offs yet but with his size he can improve. He is most definitely the best net front presence in this draft. He has very good hands but isn't going to wow you with amazing moves one on one.

#4) Drouin - A dynamic winger that can wow you with his moves and explosiveness. He is decent defensively but his size limits him in that aspect. Playing wing helps that though so it isn't as big an issue. His vision and creativity are very strong. I have him down to 4th because I truly think his size is going to hurt him a bit in the NHL. I do not see him being able to be strong on the puck in the NHL.

So that is how I would rank them when it comes to helping the Predators out the most. Drouin would be higher for most other teams but we do not need another smallish winger on this team. If we were picking 3rd and Mack and Jones were gone I would seriously look into moving down to take Lindholm at that point.

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