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04-25-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Djp View Post
Buffalo currently at 9th...

if they lose their final 1 and each of the following will mean they pass Buffalo...

2. Philadelphia 1 pt in final 2 NYI ott
3. Calgary 4 pts in final 2 stl chi

Their best landing spot is 7th.

For Minnesota's pick

MIN 53 21 xxx EDM col
DET 52 20 NASH xxxx dal
CBS 51 17 dal xxxx NASH
DAL 48 20 CBS xxxx DET

For MIN to miss the playoffs:
MIN gets 0 pts, DET gets 2+ pts CBS gets 3+ pts
MIN gets 1 pts DET gets 3+ pts CBS get 4 pts

MIN magic number is 2 pts for clinching.
I don't see Calgary winning out against the Blues and Hawks. I'm not exactly going out on a limb here. I think we're pretty much locked in to 8th-10th in the draft. Proceeding on the assumption that Calgary won't get 4 pts in their final two games:

Best Case

-We lose to NYI
-PHI earns at least one point in their final two games.

We get the 8th pick.

Meh Case

-Philly doesn't pass us in the standings for whatever reason.

We get the 9th pick

Worst Case

-We beat NYI, PHI doesn't earn at least 3 pts in their final two games, and the Devils don't earn at least 2 pts in their final two games.

We get the 10th pick

The Minnesota pick could be as good as 13th (if they miss the playoffs, and behind the East 9-seed) or as bad as 22nd--this, of course, is pending the conference finalists, but I'll assume for now that they'll come from the division winners for the sake of simplicity. My guess? The Wild win their final two against Edmonton and @Colorado, win the tiebreaker vs SJ at 57 pts (who'll lose in regulation at LAK in their finale), and earn the 6th seed out west (Roy v Pominville in Round 1). Of the non-division winners they'll finish behind LAK (who they cannot catch, because LAK has the ROW tiebreaker on them), St. Louis (who'll get at least 2 pts in their final two games), and Toronto (who should get at least 2 pts in their final two games).

Prediction: Wild pick #21, pending conference finalists.

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