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I was a little kid at 13 (probably 5'4-5'6) and my parents didnt want me using weights either. I had a good hockey IQ and was a great passer so I learned how to make the most out of my positioning and passing. As a defenseman, I idolized player like Timmonen and formed my game after his style. Just because someone on the internet says don't worry about the weights stunting your growth doesn't mean you'll be fine. Do some research on this issue before deciding if you want to go into right into the weights or not.

I would recommend getting a pull up bar first. Get your body use to working out and build some muscle before you jump right into the weights. A pull up bar can also be placed on the floor for pushups as well.

Along with the pull up bar, do ab excercises so that you can build your core. Planks, side planks, bicycle crunches.

Look up what a fore arm developer is too. You can make one yourself and using this will benefit your snap/wrist shot release and give you quicker hands. Wall sits are a great home workout for leg strength too.

If you decide to go with a pull up bar, start out small. You'll be able to increase the amount of reps within a week or two since you're young.
3x5 pullups/chinups
3x10 pushups
3x 30-60 second planks
3x 30-60 side planks
3x 30 second bicycle crunches

Rest 45 sec-1 minute between each set of workouts.

Don't know much about leg bodyweight workouts you can do at home, but wall sits are great and there are tons of videos on youtube on this subject. Listen to what other posters have said about box jumps and drills to improve explosiveness. For example, put a stick on the ground and jump over it side to side with one leg. Squats and deadlifts are key if you decide to jump right into the weights.

Also since you're young, you may not feel as sore but don't workout every day. Your muscles need time to recover.

Last but not least, buy some whey protein and a shake mixer and make a protein drink after each workout. This is crucial into building muscle. Look up healthy foods high in protein and snack on fruits. Being 13 (and a hockey player) you probably have great metabolism. So eat healthy and as much as you can, your body will need to intake more calories than your burning so that the weight you gain will turn into muscles rather than just fat.

Sorry for this long post but good luck and don't get lazy.

Remember to stickhandle and shoot pucks 30 minutes to an hour every day.

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