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04-25-2013, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by all good View Post
I was born here, raised here, know the tournament since its conception.....yet you are going to tell me about it right Adam.?.....I am not giving my opinion, I am stating a fact......This is a tournament which exists at different times for all age levels.......they are teams put together by kids who are not necessairily top players, some are.....but the older you get, there are less and less high caliber players because it is right after season ends and you have to pay to be involved......most of the time it is people who get their friends together and form a team with their kids.......Aat the midget and junior level ages, it is the same thing.....the kids that usually play were from junior AAA, AA, midget AA......BUT RARELY PLAYERS FROM MIDGET AAA, SOMETIMES ESPOIR PLAYERS.....but the ones thsat do go are not aspiring Q players............Q scouts do not go please do not comment on something you know little about with straight forward comments like "simply nit true"

But ye a friend of mine has a kid playing in the tournament this year which he'll be going to with his kid, and guess what... He's a QMJHL scout

So ye, there's at least 1 going

But ye it's not your birth right to make false claims on hfboards. I'm not saying "this place is going to be loaded with scouts and it'll make or break many players!!!!!" but there will be scouts taking in the games.

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