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04-25-2013, 11:47 AM
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There aren't a lot of teams I hope have horrible seasons, but Nashville is one of them. Their fans can come of kinda smug when talking about their players. Some don't think they have an aging top 9. Well when you have Legwand(32, injury prone), Fisher(32), and Gaustad(30) as your top 3 centers, that's not a good start. Then they have a lot of complimentary players(spare Horny) on their roster. Colin Wilson does show some promise though. It's no wonder they struggled this year, along with the injuries. They like us are a team that really wasn't put together that well.

Now their is rumors they are looking to move their draft pick for the right deal. It makes sense, because people often get caught up in the hype regarding the draft. That team, with it's finances, needs to make it back to the playoffs. Yes, they do receive revenue sharing, but missing the playoffs and that income will hurt any small market franchise. Any player they take with the 4-6th spot in the draft most likely won't be giving high end contributions until 3-4 years down the road. I don't think Nashville's management and ownership wants to wait for that. Now the Flyers really don't have anything to offer them for that pick, which sucks.

All in all I hope they just struggle again next year. They already had one player ask out of there for the hopes of a championship(kinda of a shot at Nahsville's management there).

I want Weber during our draft year LOL.

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