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04-25-2013, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by WakeUpNHL View Post
This whole argument is sophistry at it's best... sounds plausible but is totally fallacious. DD is not and will never be an effective third liner center or winger. Way too soft AND too slow a player to be of any effective use on a contending team.

Eller, Gallagher and Galchenyuk are on pace for 45-50 points because these two rookies have first line type talent and grit... attributes DD lacks. Eller is a speedy physical beast, that can be a top 3rd line center in the NHL, again all attributes lacking in your darling DD.

I am sure that Bergevin regrets that signing now and will look at the first opportune moment to ship DD out to some bottom rung NHL team.
My ''Darling''?? What are you 12??

I don't even like DD and have been very vocal about wanting Eller in the top 6 as opposed to him since last season, You can go back to read my post history about the subject if you don't believe me, it's all there for you to see. That doesn't mean he's a pee wee player like you love to describe.

I don't see why DD couldn't play as a 3rd liner if Plek-Eller are getting the tougher match ups. It's pretty much the way things are happening right now, except DD would get wingers a little less skilled and less ice time. Seriously stop babbling non-sense. You hate DD, we get it, now move on to better things if you can't discuss the subject intelligently.

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