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04-25-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by 27theROCK View Post
I honestly thought Pat Quinn got a bad rep here. He told it how it was, called out the players who were terrible etc.

Yeah he played JFJ on the number line but he said we were small and he needed grit. This was a shot at how our team was assembled and the sad part is it is still the #1 problem.

He did whip Gagner into shape by really busting his balls on being gritty and competing. I think that did alot for Gags development (present 9 game nose dive not included).

Quinn, Randy Carlile and Bruce Boudreau are of that same ilk and that is the type of coach we need, someone who is going to bust these kids chops and not let anyone mail it in.
Quinn got thrown under the bus by the players, and the old self-entitled and arrogant player leadership core that still hasn't been fully cleaned out of the organization. He was the hardass coach that everyone but the players wanted, who saw the second he walked in the door that the players the Oilers were clinging to weren't good enough to compete in the NHL, and was promptly discarded by management to keep deadweight like Horcoff happy.

Renny was the guy the players wanted at the time, until they got sick of him and campaigned for Kreuger, and looks like Kreuger isn't the guy the players wanted either. So now another coach is on his way out, while the players tune out anything they don't want to listen to, and spend all year abandoning system's play and phoning it in for large portions of the season.

Ottawa had this problem a few years ago as well - the inmates got the key to the asylum , and the team started going through coaches like toilet paper. No coach is going to stick in Edmonton and have success until management supports the guy they hire and starts moving out the rest of the refuse who have become coach killers, some of whom have the ability to go directly to ownership.

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