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04-25-2013, 12:49 PM
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A bit more on Couts and his advanced stats:

I don't think people realize how good defensively Couts is... last year he was arguably in the top 10 defensive centres (definitely top 15) in the NHL when advanced stats are looked at... as an 18 year old rookie. This year is more debatable, but he is still extremely impressive.

Couts has the 9th most own zone starts in the whole league this year (as a centre), and the 11th hardest QOC in the whole league.

Only Talbot, McClement and Fidler are also in the top 20 on both lists... McClement is the only one with a combined lower number... so arguably only Jay McClement has harder minutes in the whole NHL. (As even when wingers are considered non have harder mins than Couts combined.)

This year he has a +13 difference between offensive zone starts and finishes, (less than 10 other NHL players have this).

This is while having a positive relative CORSI, (only Boyd Gordon is even comparable in the whole NHL, but gets easier mins and is worse in every category compared to Couts.)

This with arguably THE SECOND HARDEST minutes in the NHL when QOC and own zone starts are compared.

He also has some of the least consistent and worst linemates in the league... non are positive in CORSI, all have minimal points.

When guys with similar own zone starts and QOC (hardest mins in NHL) are looked at non of these guys apart from Couts have positive relative CORSI... only Fiddler has more PPG as well... and he is having arguably his 2nd best point scoring season of his career.

Couts= +2.5
McClement= -24
Talbot= -10
Fiddler= -15

In conclusion in the whole league only Boyd Gordon has stats that can even compare to Couts defensively when own zone starts are considered, and he has worse relative CORSI, easier QOC, and less gain on own zone starts.

Also in the whole league only Jay McClement, Fidler and Talbot have mins as hard as Couts, and all have awfully bad relative CORSI.

This is all while having a sub 45% faceoff percentage... if that is increased (it will over time, usually approx by 8-10% over first four years in league) his off zone finishes will also increase... even though the difference is already top 10 in the league. His shot % is also less than half of last year, and will revert to the mean.

He is also our best PKer... Matt Read is the only one who is close to him.

Couts has an extremely unique set of stats: (with all players in the league are considered... in centres he is top 12 for these.)

Top 35 hardest QOC
Top 15 most zone starts
+10 or more difference in zone starts

NO-ONE else in the league has a combination of those four, I honestly cannot emphasize how impressive this combo is. with less own zone starts, easier minutes or better linemates I imagine his offensive stats would be far better... with all three?

The minimum he is going to be is a top 10 defensive centre in the league getting 50~ points. (Mike Fisher... though Couts is already better defensively tbh!)

These guys come along very rarely and are the kind of guy every single team wants.

You only trade him for a proven top D man in a package, he is a unique kind of player even now, and with his offensive potential, if he gets +60 points he will be a Selke winner.

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