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04-25-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by jordanking87 View Post
finally got my new easton eq 40s sized right (first ordered a size 10, too big, went to a size 9.5...solved it). Took them to get baked and 1st sharpen at my LHS, they feel great! Cant wait to get out on them! Too bad I have to wait until stick and puck on Saturday :/ dang work schedule

update: got on the ice last night and obsolutely love the fit. I am experiencing the same issue ive read about where the blade seems to skip or chatter during hard stops and turns however im sure most of it is my beginner technique. I still had some major lower back pain after the session so Ive ordered the yellow SuperFeet and am hoping it can provide support for my arches thus eliminate or lessen the back pain.
For the first time ever the sharpening seemed to be a little off, seemed to be catching edges i normally wouldnt. The guy who did the sharpening said he did a 'flat bottom' does anyone know the advantages of this or should i ask for a traditional sharpen? thanks!
It is likely that since your skates just got sharpened, there's a lot of bite. Give it another session, they lose their sharpness with use (which is why they need sharpening every so often).

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