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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
Yeah well because a lot of these teams make poor decisions. Rightfully so they are paying these athletes millions of dollars but you think they'd treat them as more of asset than a worker.

RNH clearly had shoulder problems for a while and was cleared by doctors to play. Why the hell did it take to the end of the season to send him for surgery? Like Kruger said sending him now means they get him back a week earlier next season. Well sending him another week or two earlier would ahve made it that much sooner as well.
Because it's not always cut and dry. In both cases the player had a big say.

Gregor talked about it on his show a couple weeks ago how he figured that RNH and his agent didn't want surgery this year because they wanted the Hall/Eberle contract now. The worry is he misses this year comes back and isn't the same player. Could cost the player millions.

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