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04-25-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
Most if not all above are through 2015-16, MM658, AT THE latest, and NSH/MIL extended earlier this season , and no, Charlotte isn't owned by Carolina, but that was at least five years, when Kahn bought the license from Robb in Albany.

SA is unique because it's an NBA Owned/operated franchise....

you forgot Houston soon to become the Iowa Wild next season
I didn't forget Houston, as I was discussing only affiliation agreements, not situations where the parent club owns the farm team.

Thanks to all who noted that NSH/MIL was extended this year.

This topic might make a good sticky in a thread of it's own: Current affiliation agreements and their expiration date. (With the realization, of course, that all such agreements are written and signed in pencil!)

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