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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
1. Anomalies happen in sports. It's counter intuitive to think that some teams with less talent would be better with a man up, but it happens. Also, scheme can certainly help. I even said as much in my initial post. The scheme here is terrible and has been for years. This is starting to change now that Jagr is here, which leads me back to thinking that it's really a lack of offensive talent up front.

2. The puck movement on the PP has improved tremendously since Jagr has come on board, but it's only been 10 games. I think right now, it's just a matter of time before everyone is comfortable playing together and understanding what their roles are on the PP.

If I were to put out a first unit PP, I'd roll with Jagr, DK, Soderberg and the second grouping would be the PB line. I'd give Jagr the lion's share of time as well.
Not going to lie, 5 on 4 I hate DK on the 1st unit. He's too long with the puck. In a system where the team doesn't move their feet enough, holding the puck is the result of turn overs. He's also too quick to look all the way across ice rather than work north to south and then across (thus turning the defensemen and opening lanes).

5 on 3 great- he's perfect with it. 5 on 4, he needs a lot of work, regardless of how talented he is at passing.

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