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04-25-2013, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Terrible idea, Mact is at best a mediocre coach, and probably will struggle as a GM even without two jobs to focus on at the same time. It's especially a bad idea when coaches like Ruff, and potentially Babcock are out there.

The just need to break up the apathetic vet core and back a coach. Kreuger may not be that guy, but the next guy they hire has to be for better or worse.
In a perfect world where a GM can just pick and choose their coach like they're picking up wine at their local liquor store, that would be best...but it's a two way street, the coaching candidate has to want to come here. And let's be realistic, what quality coach would want to work under the current Oilers infrastructure where you have Lowe running things and making sure pet projects like Buchberger are part of your assistant coaching staff? For better or worse, Lowe is going NOWHERE.

As for MacT's coaching acumen or lack thereof, my opinion on coaching (and I freely admit I could be wrong about this) is that when it comes to the technicalities of the job, there's not a lot of separation between most head coaches. In this day and age, how a coach gets a team to "buy in" and keep his charges on the same page is a lot more important than how they can handle a whiteboard. That's why he has assistants.

I really don't think that a guy like Babcock is some super genius that sees hidden layers of hockey that nobody else can...he just knows how to deal with the highly paid people under his care and how to get them to believe in what he's saying. In that light, that's why I could see a MacT coach/GM model working, at least in the short term. In my mind, he's every bit as good a technical coach as what we've had to endure since MacT left...the difference would be that as GM, he'd also have the clout to enforce his will. The players would have to either fall in line, or THEY would be the ones moving on.

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