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Originally Posted by Turk 16 View Post
Yes, that would be the prosecutor. What's your point?

A magistrate is a form of judge at the federal level, part of the judiciary branch, and does not report to the chief executive. The US Atty and FBI are part of the Justice Department, which reports ultimately to the executive (POTUS). Different branches of government. Defendant was Mirandized by the judge (i.e. magistrate).

Re. Miranda and the public safety exception, this article is decent.
I understand what the article is saying. It sounds to me like we were getting valuable info from the kid until he was mirandized16 hours into the 48 hour time period. Your point on the fed prosecuter attending being part of the doj shows that Holder could be involved. It seems a little random to give the FBI 16 hours of public safety exception and not 48. This isn't your typical fed trial, and whoever gave the call to mirandize the kid may have jeopardized the FBI from getting valuable information.

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