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04-25-2013, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
While I think Callahan is quietly having a really poor year, I think you take it a bit far in your criticism Kershaw. Callahan is about a lot more than points. The team follows him. My issue with Cally isn't his TOI, his point production or any other such stat. My issue is that he has only been showing up to certain games, and it's obvious when he mails it in or doesn't play his usual game. BECAUSE the team follows him so much, they ALL play down when Cally pulls his disappearing act. Henrik is our most talented player. Nash is our most skilled player. Callahan is our most important player--when he doesn't bring it, the team is almost sure to lose. That's why I said back in the original post that his down year has been the biggest problem for this team this season. When he plays like he used to, this team dominates. When he floats around and tries to do stupid fancy ****, the team loses to Florida.
He is too gassed and his game is a shell of what is used to be.

It's due to his playing style and management running him into the ground. He is an athlete, but there is only so much abuse one can take on a nightly basis. He's always taking and on the receiving end of big checks. Now he may be losing that stamina and makes it seem like he floats around.

Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
I'd refer to the top 2 lines, or at least 2nd line players as primary scorers, but that's just categorization. We both agree that they're all 2nd liners

So your feeling is that his top ice time is a problem beacuse it's a 2nd line caliber player receiving first line minutes, on a team that doesn't really have set numbered lines.

Personally, I don't think taking 3 or so shifts away from Callahan and giving one or two more to another winger, or line, is going to make much of a difference. I do agree that depending on Ryan Callahan to perform like a top line player is non-conducive to winning, and not even fair to Cally. We've all agreed: he's an above average second liner with one of the most versatile skill sets in the league and a 30 goal scoring pace. He does NOT provide 1st line offensive numbers.

That said, he's the 2nd best winger on the team, beat only by Rick Nash. We traded the idea of having 3 tier'd lines for having, essentially, three 2nd lines, an idea I get the feeling you're none too fond of.

Callahan being the 2nd most producing winger on an NHL team is a big problem. HUGE problem. Especially 2013 Callahan, who is very inconsistent. This problem could be eased if we had good enough 200 ft centers to make our wingers look far better than they are like Krejci/Bergeron.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
This is true, I probably gave Gabby the most crap during the playoffs, but I did come to respect him for playing with only one good shoulder and still scoring clutch goals for the team. That to me is the true epitome of a warrior. Unfortunately, the media and casual Rangers fans won't give him the credit because he doesn't block shots or plays the right way. Man it's going to be depressing when Gabby inevitably gets traded and more pressure is sent to Callahan to produce when he is not capable of doing so.

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