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04-25-2013, 03:26 PM
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we drafted a goalie?
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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post

I didn't actually see this till now (I was downstairs in the last two periods in the far left corner and couldn't see **** over what the commotion was) that's ridiculous. The hit into the boards was actually clean but the cross-check in the back while he was trying to get on the ice was not.
Originally Posted by sark76 View Post
Couldn't find a thread on this so I created my own...feel free to move this if needed.

But I cannot believe that T.J. Brennan was not only not given a game misconduct but not even suspended for at least a game? How dangerous was this play?!? In the league the way it is don't have to actually hurt someone to get suspended..just putting someone in that position is enough. To me, this is more intentional and just as dangerous as say...Patrick Keletta's hit on Brad Richards. T.J. Brennan is a repeat offender he not? This is just as bad as leaving the bench to fight.

That play was not only embarrassing, but unsportsmanlike and dangerous. S Gionta landed hard and awkwardly. WTH? Why didn't the Devils at least do something about it? Aren't devils fans mad?

As a fan of the Rangers..human nature probably make me judge the Devils a bit differently, although I try to be fair and honest with my opinions...but that play was complete B.S. and I can't believe it's not being talked about more!
yeah we discussed it.


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