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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
When one defines everyone else as between 2-5 people (closer to two) I have to laugh at the pompousness being expressed. If you think I'm arguing with myself then one can only wonder why you feel the need to express countering opinions. Which one of me do you feel you are arguing with?

Exactly, what sort of situation do you feel I'm in? In disagreement with a few posters? I should probably feel terrible shame but I don't. Perhaps you feel the need to be in a majority groupthink.
How do you figure closer to two, you had even someone else call out your approach in another thread.

Again it's not your opinion, it's the fact throughout this whole thread (and like the ones before it) you still have yet to address the counter points.

So like I do every time we discuss this, let me summarize them.

1. The comparison between Montoya and Lundqvist at the same age.

2. The accomplishments of Montoya and Lundqvist at the same age.

3. The history, with far more examples than a classification or rare, of the younger goalie passing even a great performance of an older guy.

4. The response to your feeling that the opposing view does not give Lundqvist the credit he deserves, despite the fact that the same things were said when he was Al's age and he has gotten props by that opposing side throughout the season.

It has nothing to do with groupthink or that you and I agree.

Honestly if we agree that's fine or disagree that's fine as well, discussions happen BECAUSE of those differences. The part where it falls apart is that whether you realize it or not, you don't actually defend your view. You take it personally and consider it (as you put it) a "smack" on you rather than saying "Well I believe this because A, B,C. And while you believe and have pointed to 1,2, 3 I don't agree with it because of these reasons".

Again nothing to do with what you believe, but the fact that you often just leave it dangling in the wind without any support. If someone can offer a counterpoint that goes unaddressed it hurts your argument. What's really funny is that while you insist on thinking I'm "smacking" or "attacking" you, the reality is that I'm actually giving you the chance to actually build upon your ideas and go into greater detail in your opposing view from mine.

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