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04-25-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post
Quinn led the team to its worst showing in franchise history with a roster that nearly made the playoffs under MacTavish. Quinn hadn't coached at the NHL level in years and it was pretty clear the game had passed him by. A lot more than just the players and Oilers management saw this as being the case.

Bringing in a coach with pedigree like Ruff/Tippet/Babcock/Tortorella/Laviolette is exactly what we need. These guys have cups, presidents trophies, Jack Adams awards etc. and they're not dinosaurs. Krueger has none of those accomplishments on his resume and neither did Renney. If a player gets out of line with a coach like that he gets shipped out because management won't be afraid to side with the coach in that scenario.
The same roster? With a different(and much worse) goaltender and a record man-games lost to injuries? You've bought the organizational party line on why Quinn was fired - hook, line, and sinker.

I'll put it another way.

Horcoff - been packing it in for the season by january every year since before he got his contract, friends with the owner = rewarded with captaincy.
Hemsky - barely broke a sweat last year, 80 point talent, barely 35 points - rewarded with 2 year 5 million dollar a year contract(Other GMs were literally laughing at the team)
Belanger - worst showing in a full year by a player in an Oilers uniform since O'sullivan - was brought back
Smyth - phoned it in for 4 months of last year - rewarded with a 2 year 2.5 million dollar a year contract.

What chance does a coach have in an organization where he isn't even allowed to choose his own staff(none of Quinn/Renny/Kreuger had that option), against a group of players immune to accountability(4 coaches in 5 years for some of them), with a franchise more concerned with protecting the employment status of Oilers alumni(Lowe, Mact, Bucky, Smith, Horcoff, Smyth) than competency?

None, zip, ziltch.

Pedigree, Stanley cups, reputations won't matter one iota, big name coaches will get run over here just like anyone else. Need proof? Kreuger got a stay of execution by the new GM, and in one week the players have managed to pretty much play him right out of a job with the worst stretches of hockey seen since Quinn was head coach - that's how good this group of players is at killing coaches now.

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