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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
That bothered me at first, but then you have to consider what he actually did. Pumped his arms in the air, maybe said something to an opponent. That's not a suspendable offense. He was being a total moron, but the brawl didn't start with him... it started when players started jumping each other.
But its not like the fights started there, my read of it is the guy was celebrating a little much in the defensive end when it was clear the game was over, the defending team got a little pissed and pushed him up against the glass. some pushing and shoving but not much until his teamates ( who were at the other end of the ice congratulating the goalie) saw their teamate surrounded by a bunch of players and came to his defense, then guys paired off.

All of this was the direct actions of rubbing it in, and as excited as I am sure paquette was, you cant do that especially in the playoffs.
I am sure that this is known by about 99.999% of anyone who has laced them up at any level. its like the habs flyers with lemieux, trying and score into the other teams empty net as they leave the ice, or guys willingly crossing the red line in warmups. neither are suspendable per se but they are known provocations.

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