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04-25-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Sevren View Post
No kidding. Devastated is the right word.

On the night it was reported Sunil Tripathi was suspect #2, someone (which I have to guess was a reporter) tweeted that something like 2 bombs were found at Brown the day the student went missing. Pretty sure it was EM who posted it here as I was following his posts like most people.

It was quite a chaotic night so I wonder if it was legit or not. Haven't heard anything about it since then.
On the scanner, probably talking about something unrelated, mentioned the last name "Mulugeta". The cop, to confirm that the last name started with M stated "M as in Mike". So suspect #1 became Mike Mulugeta. Then some guy on twitter, forget who he was affiliated with, said suspect #2 was Sunil Tripathi and he heard it on the scanner (obviously, it turned out Tripathi was never mentioned on the scanner). Then it spread around the internet like a wildfire and those two names became the suspects. That along with reports of bombs being found on Brown the day Tripathi went missing, I was convinced and shocked when NBC released the names of the real suspects at around 7 am.

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