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Originally Posted by BCdevil View Post
I understand that the access was limited this year but that's no excuse. The lack of an equipment sale LAST year had nothing to do with player access. Also, other teams had at least one player event. I assumed all along that they would shaft us on most renewal benefits but that there would still be a team awards ceremony. There is no reason why it could not have been planned way in advance for either yesterday (more likely) or tomorrow. To top it all off, there has been no communication whatsoever about the missed events. For everything that they got right coming out of the gate in January, the Fan Experience Team has dropped the ball big time.
The equipment sale was because they were loosing tons of money by selling that stuff that they started returning now I'm very disapointed they don't do it anymore, but it is what it is. A lot of teams don't do them...

And as for the player events - it wasn't mandated by any agreements this year AFAIK. And you know that if the players aren't forced to meet with fans they probably don't want to, and you *know* Lou isn't going to force it.

I agree that with the short season the team dropped the ball in a lot of ways, but putting the entire thing on them is a little misguided IMHO.

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