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04-25-2013, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by nyranger61494 View Post
I do remember there being a big buzz around Lundmark and Brendl and that Rangers had hit homerun. It certainly seemed a little bit rushed but if these guys are Perry/Getzlaf or Richards/Carter, it's viewed quite differently.
Man, what a throwback. Yup - I remember people saying this stuff about Brendl at the time that was equivalent to the **** being said about Crosby before he was drafted -- "He's the next 'the one'!" What a load of crap that turned out to be.

This was back in the days that I went to the Rangers training camps up in VT. Was excited to get a look at the guy and see what he could do -- and the most vivid recollection I have is watching the team do drills/suicides, and trying to pick out which skater was Brendl. After looking for a while, I couldn't find him and asked a buddy of mine I was there with if he could find him. It turned out that the guy was on all fours and just completely sucking wind, not even completing the drill. We had both glossed right over him because we just assumed that that couldn't be "the next Gretzky." Surely our first round pick didn't just show up to training camp that out of shape. Pretty much in that moment, I just knew in my gut that the guy wasn't going to make it in the NHL. And so it went... his reputation as being lazy was reinforced further, he failed to play the defensive side of the puck, clashed with the coaching staff, and was eventually shipped from team to team until he settled in the KHL.

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