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Originally Posted by dabid View Post
On the scanner, probably talking about something unrelated, mentioned the last name "Mulugeta". The cop, to confirm that the last name started with M stated "M as in Mike". So suspect #1 became Mike Mulugeta. Then some guy on twitter, forget who he was affiliated with, said suspect #2 was Sunil Tripathi and he heard it on the scanner (obviously, it turned out Tripathi was never mentioned on the scanner). Then it spread around the internet like a wildfire and those two names became the suspects. That along with reports of bombs being found on Brown the day Tripathi went missing, I was convinced and shocked when NBC released the names of the real suspects at around 7 am.
I'm almost positive I heard both Mulugeta and Tripathi on the scanner on the night of the Watertown shootout. I could be wrong, as I was awake for 30 hours straight, but maybe someone who was also glued to scanner can tell me if I'm wrong or not. If I remember correctly, I heard this before the real suspects were publicly identified by name, so perhaps those two names were just on a list of persons of interest.

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