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04-25-2013, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Marshmont Flavor View Post
It doesn't matter about the 'time frame." That 48 hours represents the maximum allotted rather than a set length of time.

If at any point during the 48 hours where the exception has been exercised, if the questions being asked were designed to elicit incriminating details, then the suspect had to be mirandized. The exception as detailed in the FBI's own memo is very clear on that. The FBI can be upset all they want that they didn't get all the time allotted, but then I would suggest they needed to be more mindful of the lines of questioning.

As far as they "would've pressed harder if they knew when the time frame is up", are you implying that the FBI interrogator didn't know how long they'd been questioning the suspect? If I'm misunderstanding what you're saying I apologize, but I highly doubt an experienced interrogator doesn't know what time it is and/or how long they've had possession of a suspect for interrogation.
So you'd rather the FBI not be able to get their important intel? I'd rather not defend bomber #2 and his so called rights and would hope the FBI can get everything it needs out of him.

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