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04-25-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by NathanHortonFan View Post
So you'd rather the FBI not be able to get their important intel? I'd rather not defend bomber #2 and his so called rights and would hope the FBI can get everything it needs out of him.
Yes, because that's exactly what I said. I clearly want the FBI to **** up the investigation. Le sigh.

I would like for the FBI and the Justice Department to do everything within the bounds of the current laws and regulations to get everything they need to either put this dirtball away for life or put a needle in his arm.

The fact that the FBI and the DOJ have to follow the letter of the law is because, if they don't, they lose the opportunity to actually USE that valuable evidence in a criminal proceeding. That's what I'm concerned about. I'm just clarifying what I read in an FBI-authored memo about the public safety exception and what must happen to maintain the use of that exception.

I get that people are emotional and that's how people are responding. We get to do that.

The people interrogating and trying this case don't have that luxury to let their emotions guide how this rolls out.

That's my point.

But flame away if you wish.

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