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04-25-2013, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
He was a third line center when he had those "clutch performances". I just proved with statistics that Drury was a third line center the majority of his career. I did that in a short period of time with statistics that have been available for years...and you're telling me that supposed professionals couldn't figure that out? His stat-line was nice. Doesn't prove he's a viable first or even second line center. The ES TOI numbers, however, prove that Drury was playing on the third line with Buffalo. We all know Drury was behind Forsberg/Sakic in Colorado.

What was the alternative? Don't sign them. Look towards the future. Again...they gave a sheltered second line center first line center money, and they also gave first line center money to a third line center who specialized in scoring PP goals/PKing. They were stupid moves then, and they are viewed as stupid moves now. I don't care what a 30g player would garner in this market, and saying that completely ignores what I presented.
What a crock of ****. The guy was their best PK forward and one of their best PP forwards. The guy was logging over 18 minutes a game, how much time do you want him to average? That's the only reason his ES time wasn't as high, he was too valuable in special teams situations. The guy was a special teams beast. To say he was a third line center is a joke.

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