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04-25-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
It took a while and a lot of headbutting, but he makes sense in his view.

Granted, I completely disagree with it and think he's wrong, but it's not the illogical hatedom some other players might get.
I agree to extent. That being, we do rely way too much on Callahan. His minutes reflect that of somebody who should be carrying the team. Ryan Callahan can't carry a team. I also think the heavy reliance on Callahan is taking a toll on him and building a system around his style of play is problematic.

For me personally though, I don't think Callahan needs to be moved. If he and Torts together is a problem, Torts should go before Callahan. I also don't think Callahan being captain is an issue. There's no reason why your captain has to be your best player or your most important player. He's earned the C based on things that go beyond stats, TOI, team importance etc. That all takes a backseat to him putting his soul into this team, that's how you measure a captain imo. I also think relying on Callahan too much has more to do with the makeup of the team than Callahan himself.

So I think Callahan is a good player that needs to remain on this team and remain an important player on this team. That being said I would like to get a little deeper so he isn't expected to score every night and isn't expected to play 20-25 minutes every night. We're putting him in a role that frankly is above his head.


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