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04-25-2013, 05:03 PM
Joe McGrath
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Originally Posted by wallym View Post
McBain has been handing out odd man rushes with his poor angles, and ill timed pinches all season long. And nobody gets lost in the defensive zone better than Jamie McBain.

I guess if you don't think he's been doing that, I could understand why you think he's a valuable player.

re the training: People aren't identical. Some guys don't have those genetics to put on a bunch of muscle and add a bunch of strength. A good example is Brandon Sutter, who we all recognize as a paragon of all that is right in the world. And he's been trying to add mass for years, and he's still just 6'3", 183. Not because he's lazy, or because Gary Roberts hasn't gotten ahold of him.

Don't get me wrong, maybe after a lifetime of dedicating himself to hockey, and reaching the point where working out hard is all that is keeping him from millions of dollars and a long career, and he's decided to sit around and drink beers. But intuitively, that seems like the less likely scenario.
There are at least 4 other guys on this team that get lost just as often as McBain does. Or have you not watched Joe Corvo and Bobby Sanguinetti play hockey?

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