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Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
You have a strange definition of what is a troll. It's a discussion rather rational started by a poster who state that Dubnyk and Price were astronomically appart. I just asked to justify that assertion, even stating myself that Price is better. I just stated that they weren't "astronomically" appart.

If that is being a troll, wow, we wouldn't be able to have any discussion...
I'm not saying it's you specifically but, this "discussion" has got to be one of the weakest I've seen on these boards. I am not an expert, I don't want to seem as if I'm claiming to be.

Based off of my personal experience as a goaltender, Dubnyk and Price are miles apart in terms of skill, ability, mental toughness, and athleticism. I'm not looking at numbers, I'm just looking at how they play the game and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This is based on the games I've watched Price play since the WJCs and limited viewings of Dubnyk as I can't stand Edmonton. I've seen the absolute worst of Price, I've also seen him at his best. I've seen Dubnyk win a couple games and saw him lose a couple games, not a large sample size.

Dubnyk does not have the athleticism or "Goalie IQ" that Price has, nor does he have the speed. Price is elite in his control and awareness. Like a good defender he controls the game from the back end, his stick work and rebound control are at an undoubtedly elite level. This is a very understated responsibility of goaltenders and benefits the team as much as an elite defenceman. This determines zone starts, puck battles, breakout plays, defender positioning, basically it helps determine anything done within the defending zone. Price plays a percentage game, he's not a scrambling goaltender. He relies on positioning, size and efficiency to make a save. His lateral mobility and speed are important in his game but not paramount to his success. Luckily, he is incredibly quick and can scramble if needed. Excellent speed post-to-post and very effective up top. If his game is off, it's way off, there's very little middle ground. When he is on his game he is an elite goalie.

From my limited viewings, Dubnyk is an average goalie at best. He does nothing to contribute to a team but stop pucks and even that's often questionable. He is not a true #1 goalie, surely not someone you could build a team around. His positioning is a weak point in his game, he's often caught and is not quick enough to react to the save. Poor rebound control has resulted in goals in almost every game I've seen him play, that's something a goalie controls, not defensive breakdowns and weak defence. He has good size, decent mobility, NHL-level reflexes and awareness but he is not a #1 goaltender.

This is just what I know, my opinion. You aren't a troll, you're just ignorant to the facts and don't know a lot about the topic. Goaltending isn't a numbers game. If a team is producing wins, the goaltender is doing his job. Let's all end this ridiculous "discussion" and move on to something more interesting.

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