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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
On the Q, it depends where you draw the line. We've been OK there, but we still seem to keep drafting guys like Sawyer Hannay there.

The Q scout does not deserve the leeway he gets in his selections, especially if you go back 10 years.

Our record in the Q is awful.
The Q scouts records go back to only 2009. When Gillis took over and did his evaluation of the scouting staff, he canned the Q scouts and one western prairie scout (Saskatchewan or Manitoba, can't remember which). I don't remember if he fired any Ontario scouts or not but he did add that ex-San Jose scout to Ontario.

Someone less lazy than me can probably find the list, it's been posted before on this site.

Still wish he would have turfed the entire western scouting crew.

At least the improvement in the scouting from Nonis to Gillis is obvious. Far more pro potential in the Gillis era.

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