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Originally Posted by Marshmont Flavor View Post
Yes, because that's exactly what I said. I clearly want the FBI to **** up the investigation. Le sigh.

I would like for the FBI and the Justice Department to do everything within the bounds of the current laws and regulations to get everything they need to either put this dirtball away for life or put a needle in his arm.
Well, that's not likely now. B/c now he can use information he may otherwise have given up, had they been permitted more time to interrogate him, thus pleading down from the death penalty.

The fact that the FBI and the DOJ have to follow the letter of the law is because, if they don't, they lose the opportunity to actually USE that valuable evidence in a criminal proceeding. That's what I'm concerned about. I'm just clarifying what I read in an FBI-authored memo about the public safety exception and what must happen to maintain the use of that exception.

I get that people are emotional and that's how people are responding. We get to do that.
Pretty sure they have him cold w/o any additional information from himself. Nor would any information they obtained be admissible previous to him being mirandized (just assuming here). Point was; determine immediate danger - additional bombs or accomplices at large, get intel on anyone else involved directly or indirectly, find out who/what his brother was associating with, how they were radicalized, other contacts, training, etc etc.

e.g. This Misha character, if real, he can get outta town now before anyone can ID him. They have no way of corroborating, or fact checking, anything he's said thus far.

You're right, they had to do what was within the law once it was decided he wasn't going to be classified as an enemy combatant. I'm of the opinion they have to draft federal legislation that gives investigators what they need, and legally, whether it be domestic or foreign terrorism. Had this guy been in Pakistan or Afghanistan, like Jose Padilla, different story, as we're already at war. Had he been part of an active cell (i.e. London, Spain). We'd of been ****ed.

I'm certainly not flaming you.

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