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Originally Posted by PointyElbows View Post
From the fans' perspective, it looks like the Gwinnett Gladiator season has drawn to a close due to lack of arena availability. But not to worry if you are wondering how to fill your now-idle time. Latter half of May is booked with 20 - this is not a misprint, 20 school graduation ceremonies. Demand for tickets should be high, so they needed an arena that seats some 13,000; some quarter of a million people may attend. Attend them all, and loudly support the youth of the community. If your inclination is not only academic, but also includes events of an athletic nature, there has been a single date provided. You will enjoy bringing the family to that fast-growing sport that the whole family enjoys - lingerie football. With choices as that, is there any wonder why the Convention Bureau and AEG decided to shut out the Gladiators?
Since the Arena management and the team are different entities, the arena likely makes very little if any money off of them. Those other events, no matter how silly you think they are, actually make money for the arena. I'd guess that the Gladiators sell their own tickets, and therefore get all of that revenue, whereas the arena likely doesn't sell their tickets

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