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Originally Posted by finnishdman View Post
Hi, my season is over and I have started to think about some kind of training for summer. The only problem I have is that I have no idea what to do!

So, I need some kind of all-around workout, but because I'm growing height yet, I can't use any weights.

Give me some tips, what would work to find the next level in my game next season!
Even though your growing does not mean you cant use weights. Yet depending on your age and if you are young (under 15) I would say limit the use of weights especially heavy ones.

Yet no matter what your age is, the problem with athletes today is that everyone believes that lifting weights and eating a lot (especially protein) is what makes you bigger/stronger. And being bigger and stronger means you are a better athlete or worse... a better hockey player.

So many misconceptions when it comes to nutrition/diet and strength and conditioning. You should talk to a personal trainer who specializes in athletic training and preferably hockey.

Matt Duchene more energized through changed training regime

One of the best hockey related training articles I read. Explains quite well how functional training and a better diet can immediately make you a better athlete and thus a better hockey player.

---If you wish to know more, please pvt message me. I have researched and studied athletic training as well as use it in my own daily training for years now--

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