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04-25-2013, 08:04 PM
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The legs feed the wolf. You dont see the best hockey players having the biggest upper bodies but I guarantee you they are the best skaters and in todays generation of great players they all have great balance.

No matter what your age is, squats/push ups/pull ups never get old and have always proved to be a great work out in any sport.

Gymnastic style training is awesome too. Improve your overall balance, stability, core. Your back your abs.

Crossfit is becoming a prolific training and though many of the top athletes say they dont specifically do crossfit they do agree that their work outs is very related to it. Crossfit is high intensity workouts that combine the best efforts of plyometrics, gymnastics and olympic weightlifting. Exactly what the great Soviet Dynasty training use to be like. Its about focus and doing work outs right.

Its not about reps. Its not about sets. Its about focus, proper form and much more. Do your hw, see a professional and i am here to always answer any messages. Private message me

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