Thread: Equipment: Recommend some shoulder pads!
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04-25-2013, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by OpenIceHit42 View Post
Anyone have any thoughts on Sherwood 9905 vs the CCM 1899's ? I'm looking at both and having a hard time really keying in on one.
If you're going strictly on weight, go for the 1899s. If you'd like to have a little more protection, the 9905s seem to offer better protection in the chest and spine. The 1899s have a little more surface area coverage in the chest, but it's strictly PE foam.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I'd go 9950's because they don't have any string on them. It looks cool and all, but my 5030's kept coming untied during games and would fall apart. Also, the 9950's don't stain and turn yellow like the 5030's did (not sure if the 1899's are cloth or nylon though).

My two cents.
The 1899s are nylon. I had the same issue with the string, but I switched it out for a regular flat-wound shoe lace and that seemed to do the trick.

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