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Finland will NOT be a full NHL squad. There are bound to be a handful of guys from European leagues, mainly KHL, who will make it in.

Basically a Team Finland can be built using the following formula...

Goalies: Any NHL ones. Rinne appears to be the frontrunner, and Rask the favorite for backup, but any active next year might be there. Well, save for Kipper in case he doesn't retire.

Locks: Your guess.

Defense: All current NHL regulars, even the age-old ones + Sami Vatanen.

European side, one guy bound to make it is the former NHLer Ossi Väänänen. Is a reliable DD type and still a NT staple. The rest of the DD types are anybody's guess at the moment.

Locks (if healthy) : Pitkänen, Vatanen, Salo, Timonen, Lydman, Väänänen

Forwards: This is where it gets hairy. Basically, only couple of things stand. M.Koivu is the first line C, and T.Ruutu will play at his wing. Those two are the similar NT staple duo as Saku and Teemu earlier.

We have some centre/winger types who could be either in this squad. Namely, Filppula, Granlund and J.Jokinen. Some of them could be centres, but all could as well be wingers. If the latter scenario comes true, some of our KHL top guys, namely Kontiola, Immonen and Lehterä will make it in as C.

Don't bother inserting: Selänne, O.Jokinen. Need to know first what the former intends to do, the latter has publicly stated that his NT days are over (though some are hoping he might overturn his decision).

Locks: M.Koivu, T.Ruutu, Filppula, Granlund, Korpikoski, J.Jokinen, Komarov.

Now, if you wish to build a Team Finland that won't be laughed out of this thread...


Timonen - Salo
Pitkänen - Vatanen
Väänänen - XXX

XXX - M.Koivu - T.Ruutu
Komarov - XXX - XXX

Use this template. Don't attempt to move the written-in players. Fill in the X spots as you desire. Remember to use all the locks described in this post, though.

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