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04-25-2013, 10:33 PM
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People who aren't saying MLB don't watch MLB. It's easily the sport most affected by bad calls, as umpires are involved in every single play, by the very definition. In the NBA and NHL, you can pick out the refs who are bad, and laughably part, and most make a few glaring mistakes a year, but on average they're just medicore.

Now in the MLB, you have to pick out umpires that are good. And it's a challenge. Most umpire's are awful, because have no accountability, if they make a mistake that costs a team a game, nothing happens so they have no incentive to fix their mistakes. And mistakes like these happen in every game. Umpires all have unique strikezones, despite nothing in the rulebook saying that the strike zone is "up to interpretation", many umpires get lazy and don't move into a good position to see a play at a base, among dozens of other issues. If a player shows any sign of displeasure at their decision, they decide to screw over that players team because they got "showed up".

The MLB has the worst officials, bar none, and it's a big reason why the sport has negative momentum, despite a surge of great young stars that no other league possess.

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